Geobear is looking for best and most competent professionals across industries to join its mission to expedite the transformation of construction industry towards more socially responsible ground improvement solutions. For anyone considering joining the team, we would like to encourage to talk to some of our team members:

Tuomas Lievonen

Vice-President, Engineering

“My name is Tuomas Lievonen. I am responsible for engineering in Geobear. That basically means that my job is to give a yes/no answer to sales on major technical challenges, and oversee the development of our technical competence. I joined Geobear 13 years ago after my corporate career in blue chip companies, thus being one of the first team members to the current team. I have been working my way from product manager position to the leadership team. It has been great to witness the growth of team from 3 people to over a 100 colleagues in numerous countries. Although work is sometimes hard and deadlines tight, I am extreme happy to be working at the forefront of changing an industry!”


Richard Holmes

Vice- President, Contracting UK
“I joined Geobear in 2017 during the five year planning process. Due to my plus 30 years background in leadership positions in major ground engineering contractors, I understood the potential Geobear solutions could have in the industry. The company has ambitious goals, and a very unpolitical company culture. The only reservation I had before deciding to join was the engineering substantiation of the technical solution, as I was aware the heavy civil engineering industry had not yet fully recognised or understood the principles involved. After having reviewed Geobear’s engineering literature, I was convinced that the solution can be used to solve many fundamental ground engineering problems with better total cost of ownership and a much lesser impact on the environment than some of the more traditional methods.”


Kevin Doyle

Head of Infrastructure, Geobear UK
“Geobear approached me through a professional search firm last year, at that time I was holding Senior Management position with another ground engineering contractor. At first I was a bit sceptical as I had not used the solution before and had little knowledge of the solution and it’s various applications, I had spent the last 20 years giving advice and recommending / Managing various piling or grouting solutions, but was convinced after meeting with Richard and the rest of the Geobear team and discussing the potential to become an industry pioneer by developing this business into heavy civil engineering sectors. After few rounds of mutually pleasant discussions, I chose to accept a position of Head of Infra, covering rail and ports and airport sectors. A decision that has proven to be an exciting one.”


Mika Kallio

Deputy CEO Geobear
“During the past 30 years in international construction I had been involved in pretty much everything construction has to offer; demanding design and build projects around the world, infra construction, living and working abroad with diverse teams, driving change and efficiency in the forestry industry, and leading a 250m euro P&L to mention a few highlights. By the time Geobear contacted me, I had never heard of ground improvement with geopolymers; previously I had always used piling or similar solutions. The company also appeared rather small compared to by previous positions. However, upon viewing the Youtube videos it dawned on me, this business can go to places, and chose to join. It has been refreshing change to operate in entrepreneurial and growth hungry environment with truly value adding technical solution.”


Clif Kettle

Director, Grouting at Geobear

“I have worked in one of the leading geotechnical contractors for approximately 30 years. We did great things there, including developing compensation grouting solution to enable safe and efficient tunnelling in environments, where built environment needs to be protected. Towards the end of last year a good friend of mine called and mentioned, that Geobear has a unique solution and is seeking to expand to major tunnelling projects globally. It felt like a big step to change employer after such a long co-operation, but after having heard of Geobear’s plans and spoken to some of the colleagues, I decided to take leap of faith and join this growing and hungry business to strengthen its technical credibility, and to really use the skills that I have acquired to develop something new.”