Do you have a sinking or sloping floor?

A sinking or sloping floor is a sign of a settlement in the building. Settlement means that the floor sinks as a result of changed ground conditions under the floor. Properties may sag by different amounts in different places, or it may sag evenly over the entire foundation.

How and in what way a settlement takes place depends on the ground conditions under the house and how large parts of the house are on ground with poor bearing capacity. Setting problems can be very serious, and if you choose to ignore them, they tend to only get worse.

The settlement, if nothing is done about it, will lead to further settlement damage to the building and potentially other problems and damage to the house. Therefore, it is important to straighten sloping floors before the settlements get worse.

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How to fix a sagging floor?

A good way to straighten sloping floors is to lift them – many times this involves lifting the foundation to level the floor. During a floor lift , the ground is also advantageously reinforced so that the house and the floor do not sink again.

Geobear are specialists in floor lifting. Geobear’s solutions not only level the floors in the house, they can also strengthen the weak ground that exists under the foundation. Ground reinforcement in combination with floor lifting ensures that the house’s foundation is stable and that the floors are straight. It also prevents new problems from arising, or the floor sinking further.

With traditional foundation strengthening methods or old-fashioned floor leveling methods, parts of the foundation are excavated, after which eg concrete is filled in, hardens and then the building can be raised mechanically. This method takes time, gets dirty and usually means that you who live in the house have to move somewhere else in the meantime.

Geobear sinking floorLeft: Before floor leveling. Right: After leveling the floor

Sinking and uneven floors in the home

Geobear’s floor lifting method – which involves lifting floors often in combination with ground reinforcement, is effective on buildings of all sizes, from the summer cottage to the logistics park. Geobear’s methods can also be used for lifting various concrete foundations, foundations, concrete roads and, under the right conditions, even asphalt. Geobear has successfully completed thousands of floor lifting and ground reinforcement projects around the world.

If you have suffered from an uneven floor, the ground under the floors may need ground reinforcement and the voids filled. If you book a settlement inspection by Geobear, we start with a home visit to assess the damage and find out the root cause of the settlement. Our experienced site managers and engineering teams then determine an appropriate approach for your particular house and design a solution for the implementation of our techniques.

When the house and the sagging floor are restored to their original level, any cracks in the walls both inside and outside will usually have been joined together again. Most importantly, the floors are now straight again!

Our methods are suitable for all types of floors, for example:

  • Wooden floor
  • Concrete floor
  • Underfloor
  • Parquet
  • Laminate

The modern solutions that we apply are significantly more effective than traditional concrete reinforcement.Geobear’s services enable them to lift and restore many different types of floors and foundations including strip foundations and edging elements.

Sinking floor before and afterBefore: The floor has sunk due to settling problems After: Geobear has stabilized and lifted the floor

Advantages of Geobear’s floor lift method:

  • Floors and buildings are lifted, so that the floors end up at the correct height again.
  • Sloping floors are straightened and become straight again.
  • Cracks in walls usually close up again after lifting.
  • Doors and windows that previously could not be opened regain normal functionality.
  • Simpler villa work is often completed in just 1 day.
  • Geobear does not make a mess: no dust, water or other debris needs to be cleaned up afterwards.
  • Geobear’s technology is non-disruptive: no floors are removed and no excavation work needs to be done.
  • No further damage is caused to the house or garden.
  • You don’t have to move anywhere – we carry out the work and you can stay.
  • Our materials and processes produce only small carbon footprints

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