Cracks in the foundation can be anything from harmless small cracks to serious construction defects. A common reason for a house foundation to crack is settlement problems, which simply means that all or parts of the house sink. Here you can read more about cracks in the house foundation and Geobear’s innovative solutions for settlement cracks.

Strong cracks should not appear in a house foundation if everything is right. Therefore, it is important to solve the problem as quickly as possible when you see cracks in the foundation, or other parts of the house to avoid further consequences. Cracks can occur whether it is a plastered foundation wall, concrete foundation, basement foundation or other type of house foundation.

Repair settlement cracks in the wall

Smaller cracks that don’t grow, you can perhaps patch over and forget about completely, but before you start fixing your cracks, you should investigate how and why the cracks have appeared in the first place. Start by taking a closer look at the cracks.

  • Are the cracks just in the paint?
  • Do the cracks go deeper into the plinth?
  • Are the cracks also visible on the inside (e.g. if it is a basement)?
  • Does the crack go through the entire plinth (top to bottom)?


Cracks in foundation
If there are cracks in the paint, you can safely repaint! If the cracks are superficial or hair-thin, you should keep an eye on them, so they don’t get bigger. If, on the other hand, the cracks are deep, also visible on the inside, or are continuous and divide the foundation in two, then you should read more about how Geobear can repair cracks in the house foundation using geotechnics.

Settlement cracks in the foundation

Repair cracks in the house foundation
Houses and other buildings can sink due to ground subsidence . When cracks occur in the foundation, it is usually due to one part of the house sinking more slowly than the other part, thus creating a break.

If you hold one end of a cracker and push down on the other end, it will crack and split in two – the same thing happens to your house foundation!

Repairing settlement cracks in the house foundation must be done thoroughly – that is, the cause of the problem must be solved in order to remedy the cracks. It is not enough to repair the cracks on the outside of the foundation. The sinking movement of the house must be stopped and remedied by stabilizing the ground under the building.

Geobear prepares the foundation of the house with geotechnics

Geobear performs geopolymer injection, which reinforces the ground under your house and prevents the house from continuing to sink as before. Geobear can also carry out lifting with the help of geopolymers, which means that the house can be lifted back to its normal level. Most of the time, the cracks join together again – this way we can repair cracks in the house’s foundation.

Most of the time, a little love is needed after the ground reinforcement to completely repair the foundation’s settlement cracks, such as filling and painting. If, on the other hand, you putty and paint and have not carried out a stabilization of the house, you will only be able to temporarily ignore the cracks. That’s because you didn’t actually solve the cause of the problem – namely the setting, but only fixed the symptoms, which will recur as long as the setting continues.

Do you want to know more about how we repair cracks in the foundation, or do you want to book a settlement inspection today? Call us on 010-14 550 15 or fill in the contact form.

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